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Welcome to ADRIAD®
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Our goal is to help those who are embroiled in conflict to select and follow the best road to resolution. Conflicts, while pretty much inevitable in life and business, deplete resources, cause stress, prevent positive personal and business progress, create undue risk and uncertainty, and otherwise negatively affect those involved.

At ADRIAD, we recognize that every conflict is unique. Since one-size-fits-all dispute resolution is definitely not the best approach, we work with attorneys and parties to choose an appropriate conflict resolution process given all of the circumstances and the particular needs and desires of those involved.

We also recognize that people have lives and businesses to manage and that the conflict resolution process should take place at the parties' convenience, not ours. Therefore, if necessary, we can easily schedule evening and weekend sessions that may allow the parties to keep the rest of their lives on track while still working toward the goal of resolving their conflicts. ...Carol Marshall


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